Gucci Podcast

Gucci Continuum: a conversation on circular fashion with Hodakova and Call of the Void

Episode Notes

The House’s experimental concept store, Vault begins a new chapter with Gucci Continuum. The initiative invites noteworthy creators to integrate Gucci’s deadstock fabrics and previous-season pieces into their own idiosyncratic designs. Participating in the inaugural collection are designers Ellen Hodakova Larsson of her namesake brand and Winston Bradbury of Call of the Void. For Hodakova, the Swedish designer takes a distinctly utilitarian approach to fashion, converting old materials into elevated designs. For Call of the Void, Winston Bradbury constructs eerie embroideries and upcycled appliqués, bestowing each of his pieces with its own enigmatic symbolism. In this episode, the two designers sit down with host Shahidha Bari to discuss their creative journeys and love for upcycling fashion.